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They have improved there Uber inspection wait time since my last visit 2 yrs ago. Been in there a couple times more since two years ago. But definitely improved
Ryan Oneill
00:55 07 Jun 18
Love this place! The staff is always so helpful and friendly. Would like to give a special thanks to Cassandra and Guillermo for ALWAYS making sure my car wash needs are always met. I would definitely suggest heading over there and checking it out if you haven’t yet!
Alisha Quintana
18:54 10 May 18
Josh went the extra mile, getting my bike rack off so I could get a full service car wash. He even put it back on. Too heavy for me. Thanks so much. Love this place.
Jill Hankins
19:16 09 May 18
I get my car washed there weekly and the service is great. They had the tunnel down one day and they hand washed all of the vehicles. No complaints about this location.
Matthew Blair
21:18 25 Apr 18
I've only been here a handful of times but so far so good. Every experience has been a great one. Great customer service with friendly staff that provide you with plenty of information - a hard thing to come by nowadays. Kudos to Joshua, Wash Salesman, for always having a great attitude, being punctual and friendly. I'll keep bringing my business here.
Vianca Gutierrez-Rogers
14:40 27 Mar 18
New car wash at Cave Creek Rd and Beardsley Rd. Free car wash during grand opening. Interesting that it only has a Sun shade for a roof. State of the art equipment, but the dryers don't seem to be adjusted correctly since my vehicle came out wet.
04:10 15 Mar 18
We have been Cobblestone customers for years and have always been pleased with the quality and service. Recently, Constance, one of the managers, went well beyond what is expected of customer service. I lost my receipt for an exterior detail. She spent considerable time locating my purchase searching through hundreds of sales records. Great service...great quality!Wayne and Annie
wayne sweeney
15:07 08 Mar 18
I am a weekly visitor to Cobblestone car wash at Bell Road. The staff is very friendly and they do a great job of cleaning and in many cases removing scratches from your car. One of my cars recently had a big scratch on top due to accidentally closing the garage door on top of it. Sean took my car to the detail area and removed the scratch for free. This is the type of attention I have received from Cobblestone. Can't wait until the remodeled Litchfield Park store re-opens. Thanks.
Alphonso T
23:15 03 Mar 18
I get my car washed everyday and live in the area. I always feel welcome here. I drive for a living so it’s good to find a cobblestone and take a break. Kris is awesome and this is my store of choice in all of phoenix and areas beyond!I want to add a comment about the oil change service. I had an issue with my oil pan and the manager Josue listened to my concerns and answered all my questions. The oil changes are fast and they know what they are doing. Thanks so much to Josue! I get worried about the fast oil change places and usually just go to my mechanic, but I trust this Cobblestone location only!
Hannah Wu
03:58 13 Jan 18
I came in last week to get a car wash and Kris was so awesome and recommended some extras for my vehicle. I will definitely be a repeat customer and I already recommended them to 5 people!! Thanks Kris for the awesome service!
Alicia Hull
04:06 17 Dec 17
My Name is SANDRA VARGAS. I use to always have my car washed and detailed at Danny's Car Wash on BELL Rd. Then they changed it to Jackson Car Wash. The service and customer service was unbelievably BAD. My brother told me about this place. I love at I 17 and Cactus. I don't mind the drive. The first time I came here. I explained what happen to A VERY HANDSOME AND PLEASANT MAN called GUILLERMO. He took the time to listen and help me. Every time I come here he is always very friendly and attentive to my needs. I will always come back here.
Sandra Vargas
17:27 07 Dec 17
These guys are awesome! My car is always ready in about 30 minutes. They have an awesome rewards system that earns you free services. Josue is awesome! He is very personable with great customer service. I don't take my car anywhere else!
Shari Abston
17:14 18 Nov 17
One price for the month for unlimited washes...nice deal as I stop every Friday for a wash and a sparkling clean car for the weekend!
Joe G.
01:11 12 Dec 17
I come to get my car washed I enjoy coming to the one on priest because of the staff they are professionals. Marcus Devereaux saw a small chip on my front glass, asked me what insurance I had. He proceeded to call the insurance, and I had the coverage paid absolutely nothing, and my insurance has lifetime warranty. Ask for Marcus! He’s the man
Amilcar Perez
18:31 28 Feb 18
Over the past year I have frequented Cobblestone Auto Spa and come to the conclusion that they are the most methodical and affordable (for the quality) car wash in the area. They 99% of the time pay attention to the details that matter such as the little spaces in between the dash and center console, the air vents, and the corners of the wheels. Even though I live by *redacted* I still drive an extra two miles to go here. You won't regret it.
Kyle Hayes
06:39 27 Jan 18
Richard was amazing! I came here a few hours after getting my car "cleaned" at a different location. There was still dirt and sticky stuff on my car and the inside hadn't gotten sprayed or anything. Richard did a great job at making sure everything was fixed and cleaned properly. I will be driving to this location next time even if it's 3 times the distances as the other location. Thank you Richard!
Misha Ruiz
00:04 06 Jan 18
Justin, you are the man! Thank you so much for helping me look for my wallet while vacuuming my car. You are a lifesaver. Five stars all the way. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to wash my car because I ran out of time looking for my wallet but i will next time! Thanks again Justin.
Teresa Noyes
22:52 05 Jan 18
I have the unlimited monthly express plan and frequent 3 cobblestone locations around the valley-- it just depends where I am when I decide to wash my car. But I have to say, this is the only location where there is always a smiling employee right at the kiosk to make sure your sticker is working. I really appreciate it!
Heather Rode
21:50 21 Feb 18
I went to Cobblestone over the weekend and by mistake they threw away a plastic bag that I needed. I understood why they throw it away cuz it look like trash. Charles Peterson the manager literally went through the trash which I wouldn't even do for my own kids and found the paperwork that I needed. He was such a very nice guy and I really appreciate his service. He really went above a beyond to help me. I recommend this auto spa to anyone in the area! Thank you Charles
Julie Price
18:07 30 Jan 18
Love to breeze through and get my car's washed. So simple to sign up for, and use, unlimited washes.
Kurt Karlsson
02:42 28 Feb 18
Free vacuums and quick car wash. The $16/month unlimited car wash is not a bad deal either.
Priscilla Blanco
00:02 21 Feb 18
I have a membership with Cobblestone I enjoy washing my car there daily I appreciate their extended hours they close at 8 p.m. and they open at 7 a.m.
Cyril Walker
20:43 30 Jan 18
We bought the unlimited plan and they have free vacuums with every wash. So easy to stop by on our way to work. Both cars always look amazing.
Dione Dameron
00:47 23 Nov 17
I have been a weekly car wash customer here since 2001... It's people like AJ and Joe who keep me coming back... The service level here is just phenomenal. Never once have I not been greeted by name and simply amazed at the focus this team gives its customers, no matter how busy the day. This crew is top notch!
Michael Rice
20:50 06 Feb 18
First visit to Cobble Stone... was asked several times how I was, including once by a manager named Brandon. The place was like a well oiled machine. I saw employees running while doing their job! Very impressive!! I had to look twice to be sure it was really my car!! Again, VERY IMPRESSED!!!
Robert Tart
16:57 13 Jan 18
I specifically bring my truck here to get washed at least once a week. My favorite service advisor here is Joseph. He's very honest and hilarious to deal with. Have nothing but good things to say about this location. Very fast service, very clean work, and even though they are always busy, they get everything done in a very timely manner. I also have dealt with Mike there several times for my windshield repair and replacements. Great service.
Tyler Dove
21:55 20 Dec 17
Great experience. They did an awesome job on my car. I was taken care of quickly. Brandon, the Manager was very helpful. I will keep coming back to this location because I know my car will look great and everyone is so nice and provide great service.
Donna Marrow
02:35 08 Dec 17
I stopped in to get my oil changed. They were quick and friendly. I will be going back for sure.
David Pachter
00:58 10 Feb 18
Absolutely worth every penny!! Wonderful service from the manager down. I would recommend to anyone , for sure going back. It's hard to find places that truly valve customer service.
Edwin Guzman
16:33 22 Aug 17
The staff are very friendly and kind. They always do a great job in the car wash as well as the lube shop. Their very good at explaining what the different deals and packages are. Decent prices for oil changes and car washes. I was surprised to know that they do other services such as recharging my AC, rotating my tires, checking all my fluids when I get an oil change as well as making sure there is the right amount of air in my tires and transmission services. I would definitely recommend them to friends and family because they do so many things at such a great price! This is the only place I take my car for any of those services.
Taylor Ritter
00:24 20 Jul 17
Never disappointed when I come here! These guys do a great job on the hand wash! Gustavo is awesome! Excellent customer service and quality service - 5 stars all day!
Meaghan Olmstead
21:56 24 Feb 18
Customer Service still exists! I’m so impressed by the way they handled a small dissatisfactory detail. A small portion in my car was missed for vacuuming. I was assured that my concerns were their concerns. Julian took care of me sent my car back for more service and when I returned to my car it looked brand new again! I was not feeling blown off about my complaint. And Julian’s response was very genuine. He promised he would make me happy... you rarely get that anymore.
Monique Kimmons
22:41 22 Feb 18
I've been to 2 other cobblestone auto spas. Groupon voucher. I wasn't pleased. Both times something was broken off of my vehicle. I have 1 wash left. I'm going to try this location. Reviews are great. See you Sunday. Get your clear tape! 🙂
Rebecca Asher
08:57 24 Jan 18
I get my truck washed every time I come to visit Arizona. My friend who lives in the area and always gets his truck washed here. He recommended them and I have been going back ever since. I have been there over ten times and always get treated great by all the staff. Keep up the good work.
Don G
17:15 23 Jan 18
Been coming here for about a year. Always done a great job. Today was a little bumpy due to some miscommunication. The manager made it right without me asking or getting upset. Everyone makes mistakes, but it's how people handle them that make the difference. Thanks Cobblestone.
Doug Lara
00:07 14 Jan 18
I bring both my cars to get washes her every Saturday. I have the unlimited pass. It's quick, easy and they do a great job. The lobby is very nice. Miguel always greets me with a smile and is super helpful.
Christina Findlay
15:17 24 Feb 18
I like this car wash! Excellent customer service! Miguel is one of the best guys that i have worked with. He goes above and beyond to help you and makes sure you get all the necessary service to ensure car comes out shiny and clean! I highly recommend this place!
Sam Murage
21:06 23 Feb 18
I have not had my truck detailed in two years and it was finally time. The look on the employees face when he saw my truck rolling up was priceless. Although it wasn't what I would call cheap you definitely get what you pay for. After going to lunch with a friend he decided he needed to get his truck detailed. Thanks for the great job!
Toby Crooks
16:25 23 Feb 18
I don't know about that last review. But I went and got my car washed with one if the deluxe packages and they did a heck of a job.After days of going without my wallet, and having to only go to places that I can pay with my phone, the good guys at the wash found it when they deep cleaned my car. Of course I had to buy them a soda because of that. Great job with the ladies up front as well, one if the girls saw the line starting to pack, stopped what she was doing and helped the line out.
Jose Rico
22:56 22 Feb 18
Every time I come here and any level wash I get they do a GREAT job! I just got a wash here and Chris Solano was the manager. They were pretty busy but you could tell that the employees washing the cars were not encouraged to go fast and do a half way job. They took their time and did everything really well, yet I didn't wait long at all! I came here with a different manager outside and still the same great job!
Michael Santa Maria
23:15 19 Jan 18
Happy they reopened, but it's no longer a full service. Same price, and you get less than the other Cobblestones. None the less, they are still the best in the area. Good for in between the full washes which are still included in the package.
Patrick Gosselin
14:32 04 Mar 18
I have been coming to this location since the car wash was Classic Car Spa. I have always received get service and i just got my truck washed and waxed today. One of the managers Chris worked out a deal for me since i was having multiple services done. My truck looked awesome once i got it back and the rim polish i had done made my black rims look like new.
Ted Bustamante
05:13 06 Feb 17
First time coming to cobblestone and I gotta say it was a great experience... John in the express lane did a outstanding job with helping me out.it was my first time coming here and I had no idea what to do in the express lane.. when I pulled up I was greeted by John. He was very nice and answered all my question and even got me set up with a fast pass. I will definitely be coming back to this location because of him..
Crazy Videos
01:46 20 Feb 18
Great experience here! Definitely recommend people here! Thanks Chris! You were a big help and helped me get thru my day easy! Also a big help to Mike working with Chris and getting me on the go! Big raises for the both!
Mikey Mike
22:03 08 Feb 18
This cobblestone has the best auto guy. Chris is super helpful is always capable of going above and beyond for our car services he helps us more then I could ever expect him to. You now have a very loyal customer keep up the good work guys.
Alex c
17:52 26 Jan 18
CJ is the man, he hooks it up with the customer service. For the car wash it’s super dope and fast, definitely recommend this car wash to anyone looking for a fast paced service ! THANK-YOU CJ you’re the man!
22:42 10 Feb 18
Great automatic cat wash! Total package was around 15 bucks and you get an air freshener plus a dash wipe. The best part is the vacuum stations are free to use and there is an air gun at each station to blow dry any residual water drops off the glass, tires and chrome. If you're a repeat customer you can purchase a fast pass to make it simple to drive through in a hurry.
Joshua Whitmore
01:53 19 Dec 17
I love this place but had a disappointing visit this past Sunday. I got there during happy hour times, just after 7 and had been waiting all day to come here to get the happy hour discount. When I want to check out the system would not apply my discount. When I asked the young man who was working there about it he explained it had to be one of the top 2 priced washes, which was one I chose. He had no explanation for me on why the system did not give me the discount. It would have been nice to have someone working there that could have helped me out more efficiently. 🙁
Jill Coscarelli
14:53 18 Jul 17
These people are amazing. I have gotten my truck washed and serviced here a ton of times. Always had a good experience!! Today I locked my keys and phone in my truck. I went in to tell them I was leaving my vehicle to go get my spare. The lady at the counter said we can help 2 guys came out and got me back in my truck. I offered them money they declined. Super great people here. I so appreciate it and thank you.
Kevin montagna
19:36 13 Dec 17
Definitely recommend this place! Got my oil changed here and a car wash. Awesome customer service. Thank you guys for being so helpful
stephanie l
01:11 14 Feb 18
From $3 car wash to $30 dollars full service wash!Amazing waiting area with all kinds of food and snacks to buy. Very nice people and polite. Car looked very clean and shiny after the service, very satisfied, totally recommend.
Johnny Delgado
09:28 04 Feb 18
Cobblestone car wash facilities are located throughout the east valley. This one is convenient for me. Easy access. Personnel are pleasant and efficient. Quality work. Monthly subscription is the best deal permitting daily car washes for free!!!
John Sachs
18:05 12 Jan 18
First experience here today and it was great. Very clean nice place to wait. Great quality on the hand wash for the corvette at a reasonable price $26.99 including tire dressing. Very friendly people from arrival to departure. I will be back!
Katherine Bates
19:09 04 Jan 18
Had my vehicle detailed and it was covered in dog hair. They did a great job of removing the hair for an extra $50 (worth it). Just remember to roll up windows before you leave so they can clean them, also check that the mirrors are cleaned off. Other than that I experienced great service and my truck was beautiful when I picked her up.
Samantha Erdmann
21:42 19 Dec 17
I have been to the cobblestone Oil Changing station many times and have received awesome service. Mechanics are great and prices are good. Ask for Steve he will take care of you.
Tim holt
06:55 23 Feb 18
I recently came in here to get my car detailed and I cannot tell you how satisfied I am with the staff and job that was done! I even took pictures to show everyone how clean and brand new it looks, even though my car is a 2006, it looks like a 2018 from the waxing and detail! I am definitely going to come here again and again and refer my friends and family to this particular location, you will always have my business !
Marcy Charley
21:53 07 Feb 18
I have been going to cobblestone for a few years now and depending on where I am I the valley I have gone to different ones. But this one is amazing! The staff here is super friendly and my car looked great! The two guys who helped me Pedro and alex were so professional and helpful. I will continue coming to this location from now on. I will recommend this place to everyone and anyone!
Joselyn Vargas
15:56 07 Feb 18
I Always go to this auto spa for the fact that there quick and outstanding customer service. The other day my car was a mess and thanks to Pedro and Alex got it all nice and clean for me. TheY made my day and always make me feel welcome. They rock thanks cobblestone !
Rebecca M.
15:12 07 Feb 18
In and out quick. They have some incredible employees! Thank you Guy B. and James H. for the awesome experience. James = 6 stars! Go Pats!
Kim Brawn
15:17 04 Feb 18
Yesterday I had the pleasure of being checked in by Drew. Very personable and courteous. I was concerned with having my new car washed and he helped calm my fear. Today I noticed the tree I had parked under the night before deposited a sticky substance on my windshield and passenger side. Back to Cobblestone for another car wash. Again I was greeted by Drew. With all the cars Cobblestone washes on a daily basis Drew remembered me. Cobblestone Management -- Drew is a great asset to your company. Professional, kind, caring and courteous. I highly recommend Cobblestone Auto Spa.
Lori Blank
17:08 02 Mar 18
This past week I had my car in for wash & wax. Unfortunately, (and this is a first time) a couple of things were not properly taken care of. I spoke with the Car Wash Manager, Anthony Wagner about the corrections desired. As a result, Anthony went beyond all expectations to rectify the issue (including direct communication with the person(s) responsible and used this as a "training opportunity" at that time). Anthony also set a time (just completed today) for my vehicle to be re-done the proper way, and my car was cleaned and a "sealer" applied. My vehicle looks better now than in the past several years as a direct result of Anthony ensuring complete customer satisfaction (and above board results to boot). Thank you Anthony for caring for me as a valuable customer and going above and beyond any reasonable expectations. Your cleaning crew did a marvelous job, and my car is spotless inside and out. I very highly recommend Cobblestone Auto Spa in Surprise, as a "must" place of business.
Randy H
07:18 23 Feb 18
I got gifted a full exterior car detailing, every one I was helped by was very polite and professional. They ended up cleaning the interior of my car for free and doing a very good job. The younger African American man that helped me when I was getting my car back was very, very polite. The manager should give him props, if it helps I had a 2015 black dodge charger that got done around 6pm on 1/15/18.
16:03 16 Jan 18
I’ve been taking my car regularly to Cobblestone for the past 3 years; and I have no complaints whatsoever. The staff inside is friendly, the staff outside is friendly and does a great job with the cars. I’ve always gotten the Utlimate wash; all prices are fair. I recently got the Fast Pass since I’m here so often... unlimited car washes for one flat price. Can’t beat that!
Michael Carmine
15:47 03 Jan 18