Fundraising is no minor task. But, thanks to Cobblestone Auto Spa, we make it as convenient, profitable and, dare we say, worry-free as possible. We’d be happy to help your organization reach its goals.

Car Wash Fundraising Program

Raise large sums of money quickly by selling car washes to your friends, neighbors, and supporters and earn 50% of all money raised!

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Fast and Easy!

It only takes 30 days to have a very successful fundraiser. At Cobblestone Auto Spa we know that if it isn’t easy, it won’t work. Our program requires no order forms, no pre-payment and there is only one product to sell. And best of all everyone needs a clean car!


  • Raise large sums of money quickly
  • Easy to Sell / easy to raise money!
  • No Order taking
  • No set up fees or start up costs
  • No liability for unsold ticket books
  • Opportunity to offer a high quality service for contributions
  • No giving up a weekend to get soaked washing cars yourself

Who Qualifies

  • Schools
  • Community Projects
  • Church and Synagogue Groups
  • Local Service Clubs
  • Athletic Teams
  • Any 501(c)(3)Non Profit Organization

How it Works

Cobblestone Auto Spa supplies your organization with special fundraising prepaid wash books. Sell as many books as you can and keep 50% for your group. Each wash book contains 5 “Basic Express Wash” tickets (Value $4.99ea.) You sell each book for $20 each of your supporters will save $5); Your group keeps $10 for every book sold! You have a 1 month selling period to sell as many books as you can; after which you return any unsold books and pay $10 for each book sold.

  • Cobblestone provides you with car wash Fundraiser Books
  • You sell the Fundraiser Books @ $20 Each
  • You keep 50% of ALL of the money collected. ($10 for each book)
  • Your supporters get a Clean Car!

How Much Can You Make?

  • Tickets are printed for your organization.
  • At the conclusion of the one month sale period, your group returns any unsold tickets and pays for only half of the current retail price for each ticket sold.
  • Your group receives 50% of revenue for the tickets sold.
  • How much MONEY you make is up to you!
    • Sell 50 Basic Express Wash Books Earn $500
    • Sell 100 Basic Express Wash Books Earn $1,000
    • Sell 150 Basic Express Wash Books Earn $1,500
    • Sell 250 Basic Express Wash Books Earn $2,500
    • Sell 500 Basic Express Wash Books Earn $5,000

Program Restrictions

  • Certificates may NOT be sold on the premises of any Cobblestone Auto Spa location
  • Use of the program is restricted to one sale month per year, per non profit organization, per store location

How To Get Started

  • Decide when you would like to run your fundraising program. We give you one month to sell your ticket books
  • Decide how many coupons you think your organization will sell
  • Complete the online Fundraising Application below
  • For questions please e-mail us or contact our Fundraising & Charity Coordinator: Robert @ (602) 795-1352 or
  • Sign the Fundraising Agreement Form (Download pdf now), and fax it back to (602) 787-0400
  • Pick up your tickets and start raising MONEY for your worthy cause!

How To Get Started

Online Fundraising Request



Alex McGill

Mesa AZ

I came on Veteran's Day and needed a wax/detail job done including oil change. I was happy that they had full synthetic motor oil for my vehicle specs. Also got


Don Hernandez

Tempe AZ

Richard was awesome super satisfied with my service. Came in they clean my motorcycle and did awesome job. Thank you for making my bike shiny. Thanks again Richard for getting


Kirstin Lane

Tempe AZ

I come here every three months for my oil change and wash. The guys are respectful, informative but do not pressure me for the "upsell" in maintenance. I appreciate how

Google Plus

Marissa Tetmyer

Got a subscription wash package after a lackluster experience with a different car wash. The car was actually clean when I got it back, they did a darn good job

Google Plus

Stacy Mowery

Cobblestone provides great service and a solid car wash. The car wash takes a bit longer than some other places, but I can see they are working hard and paying


Justin E.

Scottsdale, AZ

Haven't had a bad experience with getting my car cleaned here. I get my car washed about 5 times a month with the unlimited plan so that it is always